In normal person, sweating is needed for thermal regulation; however millions of people around the world suffer from excessive sweating. Sweating exceeds the body's need for physiological thermal regulation. This may result in dehydration, cold and clammy hands, skin infections, stress, emotion or exercise; but can also occur spontaneously. This condition can also result in negative emotional effects causing people with this condition to modify their lifestyle to accommodate this problem.

Excessive sweating is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis and can often be distressing or socially embarrassing. Areas of the body commonly associated with excessive sweating are the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and/or the underarms.

Medically recognized treatments for hyperhidrosis include prescription anti-perspirants, Iontophoresis, Botex injections or Surgery.

Tap water iontophoresis, is simple, inexpensive, and the most effective non surgical medical treatment for your condition and it applies a filtered direct current through water to your skin, temporarily disabling the sweat glands.

Iontophoresis has been in use for over 50 years as a successful treatment for hyperhidrosis


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