Skin surgery

As we know, our skin protects the internal organs of the body. The skin acts as a protector against parasites and bacteria. It also produces vitamin D. It is structured in three layers; the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Skin shows the signs of drug, alcohol and stress abuse by leaving marks and also shows symptoms of diseases like jaundice and chickenpox, etc. Skin surgery can be handy in these cases. Also skin surgery is commonly required to reconstruct deformities caused by burns or injury. Skin grafts are also done to hide the aging effects that tell on skin.

At our clinic skin surgery is routinely performed by our most experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons, mostly using local anaesthesia.

Type of skin surgery include:

  • Skin biopsy (punch biopsy, shave biopsy, incisional biopsy and excision biopsy)
  • Excision of skin lesions
  • Curettage & cautery
  • Skin grafting
  • Flaps
  • Cryotherapy (Liquid nitrogen)

Taking care of your skin not only gives you a youthful look; but also protects your health

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