What is psychological treatment?

Current research indicates that almost all sicknesses have psychological causes along with their physical ones. Therefore psychological treatment of many sicknesses is in practice in many developed countries, along with or without medication. This is not just for mental disorders, and very serious sicknesses like Chronic heart Disease (CHD) , cancer have incorporated psychological treatment to its standard treatment regime as a vital component. In Sri Lanka there are only very few registered psychologists & there are none in the government medical service.

How does it work?

Psychological treatment is carried out through various psychotherapeutic methods which are based on the scientific research findings of psychology. There are no physical procedures involved and basically it is "talk therapy"

How safe is it?

While there are no serious side effects of psychotherapy, their best benefit is the absence of usual side effects associated with medication. Further, a psychologist takes the ethical responsibility in keeping all your personal information confidential and to maintain the therapeutic relationship within professional boundaries.

How long does it take?

This would vary depending upon your problem, but usually the rough estimate is once a week treatment for 3 months. This would be discussed with you at initial stage of your treatment.


While psychotherapy results in permanent, long term changes in your personality, mood, problem solving capacity, attitudes the entire person it causes absolutely no side effects.

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